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Cotton Mill Exchange is a unique retail shopping experience with it’s 118 year old brick walls and wood floors. We are a multitude of shops where worn wood finishes, architectural salvage and vintage industrial pieces blend seamlessly with modern design.


Since we are located in an old cotton mill, along with several restaurants, a brewery, a Thrive office space and other retail shops, we are THE DESTINATION for locals as well as tourists to shop, dine and enjoy their day. Located in the historic district of downtown Canton, there are several amazing restaurants and retail shops within walking distance of the mill.


Our store takes up 48,000 square feet of this historic mill and is filled with wonderful merchandise coming from 200 designers, artisans and small business owners. The store is filled to the brim with vintage and antique home goods, edgy fashions and one-of-a-kind merchandise.


Cotton Mill Exchange owners are Steve and Lori Sinatra and have been in the antiques business for 10 years. Steve is an operations manager for a nationwide flooring company and Lori is a hairstylist. "The Cotton Mill Exchange is a dream come true for us and we intend to respect and honor the history of this property as well as keep this business staffed with wonderful and helpful people. Suzanne Skelly is on staff to help with staff management and customer service. She is a retired HR manager from IBM and brings a higher level of professionalism to the store. Not to mention her extreme knowledge of all things antique and primitive."

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